WaterWipes continue their quest for world domination with part of their major focus this year being the UK market, where they are already a rising brand.  The opportunity to sponsor One Born Every Minute was brought to them by their media partner OMD and they successfully secured this landmark sponsorship. There was a requirement to produce approximately 10-12 stings to clearly establish WaterWipes as the brand that understands the emotional journey of those early newborn months better than anyone else. WaterWipes is all about giving confidence to new parents - new Mums in particular. That's why they make a chemical-free wipe suitable from birth.


First person stories and films are now an integral part of the new parent experience - we film and create our own individual story. At the same time, those moments - of excitement, uncertainty, vulnerability and joy - are timeless. We created two stories of two different couples' journeys - from just before to just after hospital - told in 5", 10" and 15" bites.  In doing so, we extended the world of the programme either side of the One Born timeline, and took the story from the rig documentary style of One Born and put it back into the hands of the parents. The result is a suite of 24 (not 10!) funny, charming, sweet and affecting films, designed to create characters we connect with and inspire new parents everywhere to keep going with confidence - WaterWipes is with you from here.