SuperValu’s long term ambition was to make its own brand range a reason for store choice. ‘Own brand’ products have connotations of being cheap or of poor quality, yet we set out to launch the new SuperValu range as a quality brand in its own right. We would transform SuperValu’s own products from a range that was invisible and undesired, to one that would drive them as a store choice.


We literally transformed an entire store - both inside and out - overnight, launching the new SuperValu range with a confidence and excitement that was completely refreshing.
Our campaign took a range that used to be a last resort for consumers and positioned it instead as their first port of call.

SuperValu press advert - Say Hello to saving on your shopping


SuperValu’s new range launch was an unprecedented success. Business grew faster during the advertising campaign than at any other time in the year and in polls the stores’ popularity had never been so high.