Rooted in the SuperValu belief system and it’s three key pillars of Quality, Local and Value, the ‘We Believe’ campaign launched in 2013. It has been highly successful for the brand (winner of the coveted ADFX Grand Prix in 2014), so successful, in fact, that the brand has been much admired and imitated as  a result. So, the real challenge for SuperValu this year was how we might build on this success and continue to differentiate the brand given ongoing competitive forces. How could we build a new way forward? An opportunity was identified to forge an even stronger emotional connection with consumers through the shared love of great food.


SuperValu believe that good food really matters and that it has the ability to bring people together. And we discovered that Irish people shared this belief. More than ever friends and families are coming together over good food and, thus,  what started as a recessionary behaviour appears to be here to stay. It was from this common ground between brand truth and consumer insight that the Good Food Karma campaign was created. Good Food Karma represents a shift in focus from the brand to the consumer and is intended to facilitate customer participation and a meaningful two way conversation. It’s not about formal food;  with Good Food Karma SuperValu are championing a social movement that celebrates the best of real food, health, fun and the people that matter. It invites consumers to share what they do with the best quality Irish food creating a rich source of inspiration and practical ideas for us all to share in. So pay an idea in or take one out - this is what we call Good Food Karma!



Food Academy


Creating a platform for consumers to exchange ideas and share their food passions, 'Good Food Karma' incorporates bespoke video content and a dynamic campaign hub. We saw the role of the digital and social channels to be enablers to help people create their own moments. So we created a dynamic hub on supervalu.ie where people could exchange their food ideas, tips and recipes – engage, interact and learn form each other. The content generated through the hub was dispersed through social channels to spread the 'Good Food Karma’ message. The shorter ‘tip’ video posts worked particularly effectively on social platforms achieving considerable views and importantly a large amount of shares and comments as people were engaged with and inspired by the content.


Best Beef Bistro

To celebrate the launch of their Best Beef Ever, SuperValu gave people the chance to sample the quality for themselves at the SuperValu Pop Up Beef Bistro where, for one night only, Kevin Dundon personally cooked up SuperValu's Best Beef Ever for the lucky diners in Dublin.