The launch of a new EuroMillions matrix marked the need for a through the line campaign platform that would build a greater emotional connection between the Irish consumer and EuroMillions. The scale of the win is what differentiates the Euromillions offering, but research had identified two barriers to play – a ‘dream ceiling’ when consumers had difficulty imagining what they would do with a win that big and, for some, a concern that a Euromillions win might isolate them from their current life. The opportunity existed for the right idea to drive motivation to play through the experience of having fun and sharing a dream win.

We needed to get Ireland dreaming.


The team were inspired by the one thing all Irish people agree on and are given to say  ‘sure wouldn’t we have a great country altogether if only it was in the sun’…The island takes a humourous look at what might happen if someone took a small fraction of a EuroMillions win – say a cool 5-10 million out of a potential €170 million - and made a nation’s dream come true. What would happen if you bought a Mediterranean island and donated it to Ireland? You’d create a sunny parallel reality where things are familiar but not quite the same.  We’d all be tanned, healthy and happy with that Med climate, attitude & diet but still fierce fond of a cup of tea. Along the way there's lots of opportunity to make our audience smile, and create real affinity and love for the Euromillions world.

Presenting, The Island…A dream big enough to share.



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