Launching a new beer into the Irish market is not an easy task with the powerful market leaders dominating both media placement and publican relationships. Having dipped our toe in the water over the previous 18 months it became clear from research that Molson Canadian needed to create greater brand stand out. We would never outspend our competitors so we had to ensure our brand was sufficiently differentiated from them and instantly recognisable as Canadian.


Research told us that we could not hope to steal consumers from the top brands for good but that we could look to borrow them for a night here and there. We learned that there were always those nights when you decided the usual wasn’t good enough and you wanted to try something different, something that said something about you. We’ve seen this reflected in the craft beer movement but for this audience it wasn’t as serious as that. They wanted something different but not very different. For these guys it was about having another brand that they could recognise, understand (without needing a big back story like craft) and feel comfortable with. The solution in the end was to reflect those very nights, mirroring the aspirational side of our drinkers and creating an instantly recognisable emblem in the form of the Canadian maple leaf.