Due to cuts in government funding, the Jack and Jill Foundation were facing a funding shortfall of €400,000 for the year. This money would be needed to help fund nursing respite hours for the families of children living with severe brain damage. Jack and Jill had never advertised before and as a result they were more known for their fundraising initiatives rather than providing essential services.

The State makes no more guarantee to provide help for children with brain damage to be cared for at home than they did a hundred years ago. Yet a parent’s fierce need to love and nurture their child is same no matter whether their child is well or sick.


'Brigid’s Story', a powerful and elegiac piece, was broadcast as a full 2 minute road-block, taking up an entire ad break on the RTÉ 9 O’Clock news and was also broadcast as a 40” TV ad. A series of online films told three parts of the Jack and Jill story – the parent  (Brigid), the founder (Jonathan) and the carer (Ann). Radio with thought-provoking press and outdoor completed the suite.


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Within two weeks half the target had been raised – with one anonymous donor giving €10,000 – and the national profile of Jack and Jill was elevated like never before.