Hundreds of thousands of Irish people have money (from savings or inheritance) sitting on deposit, literally earning nothing. They understand that investments could potentially give them a better return but fear and anxiety hold them back. Without understanding and reassurance, it's easier to stick to what they know. Enter Irish Life MAPS®, a unique investment range that allows Irish people identify if investing is right for them, understand what kind of investment suits them best and be informed of their expected range of returns.


Irish Life MAPS introduces "The Comfortable Zone" - a new space just outside your comfort zone that you feel safe to venture! We encourage consumers to venture from their comfort zone (in investment terms, deposit accounts) into the new comfortable zone (in investment terms, Irish Life MAPS®) to help guide their money in the right direction. It is a space that only MAPS® can own, because no other product is designed to suit different types of investors, from conservative to balanced to adventurous. Thankfully no matter what makes Irish people uncomfortable, when it comes to investing Irish Life MAPS® can now help us all to find our comfortable zone. We spread the word with TV, radio, online display and outdoor. Look out for more ways  Irish Life investments will be demonstrating their commitment to making us all more comfortable over the next few weeks.