Domestic tourism is of huge importance to our national economy and Fáilte Ireland supports this industry through the development of initiatives that drive constant re-assessment of holidaying at home. The previous campaigns, “Right Here, Right Now” and “The Fun Starts Here” had been extremely successful, communicating the variety and excitement a home holiday had to offer. A new segmentation study provided us with an opportunity. With clear audiences in mind we now needed a powerful idea that would persuade them of the value of a home holiday. 


The idea would need to connect with the individual segments and deliver a “greater than the sum of the parts” effect. Research told us that holidays are seen as a “chance to live your best life” and on holidays you are “the person you want to be everyday”, the parent, the partner, the friend. We had hit on something that was shared across segments but could be individually expressed for each. If the rest of the year was spent “shoulder to the wheel” then your holiday is living the life you want, it’s when you are really living. Our campaign idea #thisisLIVING was born.


Home Holidays for Groups