In a crowded sponsorship space where eir are one of three sponsors of the All Ireland Senior Football Championship, it was important for us to identify a unique angle that makes eir the most relevant and most engaging. The way that individuals and county panels prepare for the white heat of the senior championship has changed a lot over the years. It is not all about running up sand dunes on cold February nights anymore. There is more science and more preparation involved. The eir network are a part of this with 4G mobile, and Ireland’s biggest broadband network enabling the use of increasingly sophisticated preparation techniques.


The new eir GAA 30” TV campaign launched on June 6th and featured Mayo captain and two time young footballer of the year Cillian O’Connor. O’Connor is a perfect example of the new breed of inter-county player who leaves no stone unturned in terms of his physical preparation. The TV ad shows him in a range of different physical endeavours as he prepares for the upcoming championship. The difference is that we see how everything he does is monitored and measured. While the TV spot shows the modern preparation techniques that are used, one thing that stays the same is the challenge that lies ahead in August and September and at the end of our story we see Cillian coming up against old foe Fionn Fitzgerald of Kerry. The 30” TV campaign was supported by 7” and 10” TV sponsorship stings for RTE and Sky. Press executions were also a part of the campaign.