Denny wanted to assert its position as the market leader, and the first choice for home. To do that, Denny needed to build a great emotional connection with its consumers.


We asked the nation what ‘home’ means to them, and put Denny products at the centre of the action. Using large format outdoor and TV, pop-up homes in unused retail space for home-centric events and tastings, and a “home on wheels” that toured the country to do the same.

The Wedding

We also put real moments from real homes as fly-on-the-wall documentaries, one family invited us to film a real wedding.

We even put a real family live on TV on Christmas day.

Denny Pick of the Day One not to miss on TV3


Our campaign became one of the biggest “good news” stories of the year, prompting opinion pieces about the renewed importance of home in newspapers and radio. Home is made of many things and by broadcasting what ‘home’ means to the country, we put Denny at the centre of the action.