Dublin City Council needed to launch their free Free Wifi service in a way that was distinctive yet sympathetic to location - publicising the service itself and the places it could be accessed.


Since the service was turning Dublin digital, the signage would reflect that by using the visual language of the internet and reference Street Art influencers to become a welcome addition to the city landscape.

Hand-made ceramic tile mosaics of Dublin icons, created by renowned pixel artist Craig Robinson and DDFH&B, can be seen dotted around the city at 35 locations. Great care was taken in matching these to each of the locations, with the Viking appearing around the Quays where they originally settled and Molly Malone near her famous statue on Grafton Street.

Outdoor and press ads introducing the characters appeared around the city, as well as a live stunt during launch week where the famous Molly Malone statue became the first in Ireland to officially tweet!