To dust down and breathe new meaning and new life into a fondly remembered, beloved but dated Irish brand lacking contemporary relevance – the Chivers brand of jams and jellies. Our task was to get consumers to reassess the brand by making it a more relevant and ‘table worthy’ option and by doing so in an unmistakably branded way.


Our client shared the following quote with us - “Established brands need to refresh existing memory structures to grow”.  This is exactly what we did with our new Chivers Jam and Jelly TV ads which were created to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the brand. The idea behind the TV ads needed to be rooted in the key brand benefit identified - that Chivers inspires little moments of connection with the ones we love – a trusim for the brand which has helped create and celebrate moments of togetherness since 1932. In the FMCG market, however, the territory of  ‘connection’ is a very cluttered one and to do what was necessary for the brand, and to give it a renewed sense of purpose, we had to be disruptive – we needed to have a distinctive take on ‘connection’ in order to stand out. Chivers ‘Take a Moment’ depicts a modern connection moment in a dynamic and refreshing way.