Carling had become one of Ireland’s fastest growing lagers but sales were consistently amongst more price conscious consumers and driven by niche point of sale material in outlet. In certain circles there was also quite a negative brand perception dating back to previous football sponsorships. Carling needed a campaign to increase awareness of the brand amongst a wider audience whilst also driving quality perceptions. To make an impact it needed to be able to deliver on this for both consumers and publicans.


Males in their 20s value time with their mates above else. Whether its sports, gaming or nights out, the almost ritualistic banter within a group is what makes it. But on a bank holiday, it gets even better. An extra day away, one less day in work - the perfect combination. Rather than try to hijack these moments we wanted Carling to give them a helping hand – Enter Frank Holiday Weekend. A Bank Holiday Weekend with a famous Frank (see what we did there)  in the best ever location for the lads, Las Vegas. Over to you Mr Vincent.