Brennans needs to attract a new generation of more health conscious sliced pan users who are currently under-represented in its product portfolio. Be Good, a high fibre, low fat version of the Brennans sliced pan was designed with that purpose in mind. To date it’s been embraced by Weightwatcher and Slimming World members who realise they can have their sliced pan and eat it. We felt that there was an opportunity to broaden the appeal of Be Good to anyone wanting permission to eat their favourite sliced pan bread with gusto, free from guilt.


Brennans brand campaign has always been about dedication to freshness, Today’s Bread Today. The clue to Be Good is already in the name so whilst we need to substantiate its health credentials in terms of being high in fibre and low in both calories and fat, we felt that the emphasis had to be on extolling it’s great taste. So we invited people to “taste the dedication” (using Be Good Wholemeal to underpin this brand promise) and “taste the moment”, (using Be Good White to highlight a more lifestyle message). In communicaitons, to overtly broaden the appeal, we developed a TTL product campaign that reflected the variety of lifestyles and life stages for whom the Be Good Range was the perfect complement.