It’s not often an Irish company launches into a completely new market sector. And with Bord Gáis Energy moving into the residential electricity market, we had an interesting situation on our hands. For 72 years, there had been only one electricity supplier in the country. We now needed to encourage Irish people to switch to Bord Gáis Energy. The idea of being able to switch energy providers was a totally new concept to the Irish consumer and one that required a straight-forward and single-minded communication.


We would capture mass public and media attention whilst creating a new level of consumer engagement in what would previously have been considered a low interest category - using a phrase and hero image that would soon become synonymous with the wider trend of changing providers.

The Big Switch



Our campaign changed the behaviour of over 300,000 Irish consumers in 2009 – people who prior to the campaign were more or less satisfied with their current electricity supplier. In less than 12 months, Bord Gáis Energy took 20 share points of the residential electricity market, reaching their year three sales target in the first eight months of business!