Google has been named the most reputable organisation in Ireland, according to the annual Ireland RepTrak® 2015 study, announced by The Reputations Agency today.

Key findings

  • Google’s score of 84.4 is the second highest score achieved since the report was established six years ago
  • The Food-Manufacturing sector remains the most trusted industry in Ireland, whilst the Financial/Bank sector remains the least trusted
  • Overall, levels of trust fail to rise in 2015 following increases in previous two years
  • Analysis shows that companies investing in building their reputation are winning competitive advantage. 

We are delighted to be recognised for the strength of our reputation. A good reputation is essential to any company, but it is fundamental to a company like Google. In today’s world, consumers will only transact with you if they trust you. Trust is a currency and reputation is a company’s capital. We need to look at reputation not as an intangible asset, but as a sustainable competitive advantage.

Ronan Harris, VP Google EMEA and Head of Google's operations in Ireland

Reptrak google the reputations agency

One of the key findings from RepTrak® 2015 was that trust in companies among the general public flat lined during the year, following rises in trust recorded in 2013 and 2014. Insights such as this from the annual report provide Irish business leaders with valuable perspectives on the state of their own and their sector’s reputation. This is because corporate reputations drive a wide range of downstream outcomes, from consumer willingness to buy, recommendations about investment, to financial performance and resilience at times of crisis. For instance, the majority of consumers will give reputable companies the benefit of the doubt at a time of crisis, compared to only 20% in the case of companies with a poor reputation. 

Reputation matters for companies – with strong reputations helping to win custom, attract the right people, gain support from key stakeholders and ultimately drive business performance. Therefore, it is essential for organisational leaders to have a deep understanding of what is driving their own reputational ranking across the key drivers of reputation – Leadership, Performance, Products/Services, Innovation, Workplace, Governance and Citizenship.

Niamh Boyle, Managing Director, The Reputations Agency

About RepTrak®

This is the sixth year of the most comprehensive study of corporate reputations undertaken in Ireland, carried out by The Reputations Agency and their global partners the Reputation Institute. The RepTrak model is considered to be the gold standard for reputation measurement. The independent study elicited the views of 4,900 members of the general public across Ireland in January and February 2015 to quantify the reputations of 100 organisations. 


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