There is a quiet, everyday mealtime movement taking place around the country, with a back-to-basics tradition of shared mealtimes and cooking from scratch and enjoying what we cook making what some would believe is a very welcome return to the table - according to the first ever SuperValu “Home Truths” Report released this week.

We at DDFH&B used the insights from the 'Home Truths' report to develop our latest campaign for SuperValu.


83% say that meal times spent together enable more open communication amongst everyone, while 64% believe it helps improve their children’s behaviour. It’s not often easy to do though as the “real world” gets in the way, with 3 out of 10 families saying they find it hard, with hectic family members’ schedules the main barrier for 45%, while 21% cite work pressures as the issue for them. One in three people claim that the meal that makes them the happiest is a meal spent with all the family together, while 18 per cent say the meal they share with their other half is the best for them.  

Our first ever SuperValu Home Truths report has come up with an amazing insight – that over half the population believes that eating a meal together regularly is the “Number One Thing” that keeps families together.  The Report shone a very interesting light on what is happening at mealtimes up and down the country and what Irish people - and Irish families in particular – think and feel about the real value of good food for their family and the importance of what happens when they get together with family and friends.

Ray Kelly, Marketing Director at SuperValu


SuperValu's “Home Truths” Report, developed with clinical psychologist David Coleman, is a nationally representative, in-depth report carried out among 1000 respondents, combined with an additional focused study of 400 families living at home with children under the age of 18. 


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