In a world engulfed by selfies, self-expression, differentiating ourselves while at the same time striving to fit in, trying to be healthier, and more environmentally conscious while certainly not doing it on the QT.

A key enabler for my aforementioned consumer trends is certainly social media. We have become obsessed with constant expression be it divulging information about ourselves, our locations our social lives or be it staying on top of what the lives of our friends looks like.

While it’s fair to say that social media is everywhere and it has changed how we go about our daily lives - there is still a considerable population that use little to no social media at all and the differences in who these people are compared to those who are heavy users are stark.

Findings from our State of the Nation study of late 2014 show that 17% of Irish adults don’t use any social media on an average day, let’s call these people ‘Social Abstainers’ while only 10% use over 2 hours – let’s call these ‘Heavy Social Media Users’ so who makes up each of these groups and how do they differ?


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