Offset is known to most people as a creative gathering of like minded people in Dublin’s Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. It takes place every year and more often than not it is just creatives who attend but this year I was lucky enough to land a ticket for the Friday.

I think it is important as client service, or 'suit' as we are more commonly referred to, to understand the creatives and their craft. To me this is the fun part of my job. I love being involved in the creative process. Being involved means you are on the journey yourself and therefore makes it easier for you to share the creative with your client.

In addition Offset gives you the opportunity to experience creativity outside of your comfort zone (your office) and gives you a chance to enjoy other peoples work whether it is illustration, graphic design or art direction. You can’t help the urge to take notes but I find at events like this you are best just to sit back and listen, be a sponge. You'll come out with a refreshed appetite for your career. 

The buzz around Offset is immense, and after all Dublin’s docklands has become our Silicon Valley. The audience was full of crafty, arty types with cool beards, top knots and funky notebooks. The energy is infectious and really opens your eyes to the number of people in the advertising and design world. I would highly recommend going as you will leave with a nugget of information that you didn’t have when you arrived.


3 Christchurch Square
Dublin 8, D08 V0VE, Ireland
T: +353 1 410 6666

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