The recent Annual Reputation Leaders study found that 65% agree that reputation management is a top priority for executives and Board directors. This is up from 56% in 2013, with an expectation that even more focus will be put on reputation in the future. Why is reputation becoming an increasingly prominent area of focus?

On the one hand, the study reveals that business leaders around the world find that even with the best business strategy, success is increasingly difficult to attain. Growth is harder to achieve. Financial markets are unforgiving. Product launches don’t always live up to expectations.  Even employees don’t recognise a purpose behind the company they work for - beyond profits. 

On the other hand, customers, opinion leaders, media, investors, regulators, employees and many other stakeholder groups care more about who you are as a company than what you sell – 78% of the business leaders surveyed agreed with this statement. With dozens of new channels available to find out about you and express their views about you, all manner of stakeholders have increased potential to disrupt your strategies. The messages you want to communicate have to compete with what others are communicating about you, and this competition limits your effectiveness.

How do you make the right decisions in this complex environment?

Using a reputation lens, you can identify which stakeholders matter most to your to your success and what they want from you. Reputation research isn’t just about the score. The most successful companies use it to understand what matters most to your stakeholders, what they expect of you, and what you must do to meet their expectations.  The results are then used as input for strategy development.

When asked to define the tangible benefits from a strong reputation, the top four benefits respondents in the study mentioned were: driving competitive differentiation (60%), attracting and retaining top talent (49%), better collaboration and partnership with key opinion leaders and policy makers (43%) and better crisis management (37%).

Armed with this understanding, you will make decisions that deliver superior returns and successful results.  

About the Study

Conducted among 301 business leaders from 29 countries, the 2014 Annual Reputation Leaders study looks at reputation priorities from business leaders around the world. You can download the full report, 'Playing to Win in the Reputation Economy' by Kasper Ulf Nielsen, and for more information contact Marna Harmey at The Reputations Agency on 01-6618915 or email


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