Once again, we’re looking to take on an exceptional intern from the UCD Quinn School.
To qualify, you should be looking to embark on the most challenging and rewarding 12 months of your life.

We are looking for someone who really wants to work in advertising and by advertising we mean in all its forms – so called ‘traditional’, digital, social media – the whole kit and caboodle. Yes, you need to be committed (in more ways than one), hardworking and passionate. You need to be interested because you’ll be expected to be able to work on your own, not have your hand held, and discover new opportunities. Most of the jobs won’t be great but you will have the opportunity to work on the occasional piece of pure brilliance. In return you’ll receive unrivalled access to the best in the business – it’s a genuine opportunity to discover if advertising is for you (or indeed if you are for advertising).

You should be enthusiastic, properly enthusiastic – puppy levels of enthusiastic. You should also be good with people and be good at English. You don’t have to be Ernest Hemmingway, unless you want to be a copywriter (actually even if you want to be a copywriter). We’ve got room for people with business brains, lateral thinkers, creative doers and even tech-heads – so long as you’re genuinely interested.

There’s just one placement at the Agency so we are looking for a hungry/voracious undergrad who really, really (did we say really?) wants to get into advertising.

For more information, email quinninternships@ucd.ie or phone 01-7164756.

UCD Quinn School Grad Internship


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