We're taking you behind the scenes into the judging room. See why - in the judges' own words - our work received ten ADFX awards, including five golds and the Grand Prix.

The Gathering

2014 ADFX Grand Prix
Gold - Leisure, Media and Entertainment
Gold - New Launch
Judge's Award for Best New Learning

In 2013 the Irish Government undertook it’s largest ever tourism initiative after a colossal 23% drop in tourism.  The initiative was called 'The Gathering' - a movement that asked 4 million Irish people to reach out to the 70 million Irish global diaspora, inviting loved ones home to celebrate Ireland in 2013. With a simple idea and by building a new brand using predominantly social and content media, we went from zero awareness to a full blown social movement.


For The Gathering to have an ambition not just to drive tourism, but to actually try to create this positive swell in a country which was so steeped in a negativity at the time, was beyond brave, was hugely ambitious...It was more than an advertising campaign, it was a national movement.

Margaret Barron, ADFX Judge

Jack & Jill Foundation

Gold - Small Budget
Gold - Public Service, Social Welfare and Education

Jack and Jill told a simple story, connecting with people’s hearts, minds and pockets. The return on investment was a direct effect of Brigid’s story, powerfully communicated. A pure expression of advertising effectiveness: taking a relatively unknown organisation, delivering real presence and a compelling proposition to raise vital funds.

Jack & Jill really stood out, the strength of the creative played a key role in that - original and moving without being token emotional...The earned media results were really very impressive. For the amount of money they had, they created large scale impact.

April Adams-Redmond, ADFX Judge

Daily Million

Gold - New Launch

The launch of Daily Million in September 2012 was an opportuntiy for the National Lottery to recruit a new generation of players. Yet younger people didn’t see the National Lottery as relevant to them and just didn’t buy lottery tickets. So we made significant shift in positioning: we didn’t talk about how fun and appealing it is to win the lottery, we made it fun and appealing to play the lottery. 

One man's repetition is another man's reinforcement. They kept with the same thought, brought it to life in different ways and ultimately dramatised it in a piece of creative that was very engaging, very appealing, it had a lot of wit and charm...In terms of efficacy, the bottom line speaks for itself.

Simon Pont, ADFX Judge


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