As part of my DIT degree course in Business & Management, I have been part of the DDFH&B team over the last four months. After my experience as an intern in the group, I decided to share the five things every advertising intern should know.

1. Suits don’t wear suits

As soon as I walked into DD’s on my first day I knew I had made my first mistake. Suits are optional - if not unheard of - in the advertising industry. If only I knew this before buying myself a brand new suit. Oops. 

2.  It is very easy to develop a caffeine addiction

Before I started at DD's, I'd only ever had one cup of coffee. Ever. Now I have developed a profound love/need/addiction/dependency. Originally this was because I found it very difficult adjusting to the full time working routine - as any business student will know, college hours are pretty minimal. Adapting to getting up at 7am instead of 12 everyday takes a while (and a few shots of espresso) to get used to. 

3. How to throw a ball  

The advantage of an internship in DDFH&B is that the advertising agency is part of a larger communications group. After one month in DD’s offices in Christchurch, I spent a month with Goosebump over in James' Place where I would get a taste of below-the-line advertising. The Goosebumpers welcomed me with open arms and threw me right into live projects. I had the honour of being the one who skillfully threw the ball to Dublin footballer Jack McCaffrey in the above clip. My talent has finally been recognised. Ball skills aside, I witnessed firsthand what happens on location at shoots plus the hard work involved before in preparation and after in post-production. I also saw how that buzzword I hear all the time in lectures, 'integration', actually works in practice.

4.  Time should be counted

Timesheets. The dreaded word was something I heard floating around the office but I didn't have to do them. Then times changed. A few days back in Christchurch, I was told I would be leaving the lovely Red Team and would be joining the Black Team downstairs. A different team meant different clients and different experiences. The only downside was that I was asked to complete the dreaded timesheets from now on. Not the highlight of my internship.

5.  You can't be too enthusiastic

When you are new in an agency, it is obvious that difficult and important work isn’t going to be thrown at you straight away. In my first month in DD’s I started off doing what a lot of people would consider ‘intern jobs’. However, as I got to know the industry and my co-workers better, I began to do more interesting and challenging work. From coordinating national press and outdoor posters to researching the world beer market, I was given opportunities to contribute to active advertising campaigns. If you are considering an internship in advertising, be enthusiastic about any job you are doing - whether it be proof-reading, making coffee or tap dancing with a walking stick.

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