In a funny way OFFSET is a bit like summer - you wait all year for it to get here and then it’s over way too quickly. In a less funny more realistic way OFFSET is nothing like summer. You don’t go home with a suntan. Or flip flops. Or get to wear fashionably fashioned shorts.

What you do go home with is a sense of being inspired and that all too familiar feeling I like to call ‘OFFSET ennui’. You know that one right? It’s the feeling you get when you watch someone like Richard Mosse speaking eloquently and insightfully about the historical and ongoing conflicts in the Congo and how he used an archaic infra-red film stock to capture and document the reality in a new, breathtaking and arresting way.

It’s that sense of despair that swept over you after you attended Jeff Greenspan’s talk
about focusing on personal projects and speaking with your own authentic voice.
Damn you Jeff and your brilliantly simple but incredibly engaging creative solutions!

It’s the emptiness you sensed when listening to Professor Ian Robertson
expertly and effortlessly deconstruct the importance of extrinsic sources of recognition and their real-world effects on our mental and physical well being. Plus his fascinating insight that
Oscar winners live on average 4 years longer than Oscar nominees.
Good news if you’re Matthew McConaughey. Bad news if you’re Leonardo.

That’s the bittersweet thing about OFFSET. You see the great work and ache to emulate it.

That’s why OFFSET ennui is a good thing…and it’s probably the reason why a lot of us
still go to OFFSET. It’s that feeling that drives us on for the rest of the year.
The one that gets us through the late nights and early morning presentations.
That knowledge that there are other creative people out there (in whatever discipline and whatever role) who are producing the best sort of work. The kind of work that is carefully crafted and refined and not just churned out to tick a box. The kind of work we all aspire to doing. As illustrators. As designers. As clients. As creatives. As agencies. 

And really…doesn’t that make every day feel like a summer day?

I’ll just sit here in my fashionably fashioned shorts and flip flops dreaming up ideas 'til it does.


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